Monday, February 9, 2009


Recently i was introduced to Twitter, this is another form of a blogger or myspace. My teacher Mr. Vogel introduced me to it. This program was originally suppose to be for via cell phones but has now spread over time into different users.

Speed Test

In class we were given a site to check how fast are home computer runs. My computer runs quite fast it is only a year and a half old, it is an acer 2007. This link also lets you see how fast your computer downloads things. For my computer the download speed was 1261 kbps(kilobits per second) and for upload speed it was 536 kbps(kilobits per second).

To see how fast your computer runs check out the following link:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

LG Voyager- Smartphone

This LG Voyager is a fairly new Smartphone, it has features such as Large External Touch Screen, QWERTY Keyboard, V CAST Mobile TV, HTML Web Browsing, and more. This smartphone has a touch screen and can be fliped side ways into a key board.

For Further Updates on Smartphones click the following link:

10 Must-Have Free BlackBerry Apps

The world know BlackBerry has hit a sky high rocket. It is the latest hot thing on the market. BlackBerry's have a great expansion in design and especially application. 10 must-have free BlackBerry application would be, Viigo, a full-featured RSS feed reader that lets you read your favorite feeds and keep up with important news wherever your day takes you. Vlingo, the speech-recognition with the support of a voice dialing. Google Moblie, google access. BBNotePad, a plain text editor that allows you to write full-length documents or even code wherever you might be. GridMagic Community Edition, a spreadsheet that you can keep all you updates and planing on. Opera Mini a browser's lack of power and features gives you a limited view of the Web at best. MobiPocket Reader, easy to read screen e-book. iSkoot, makes navigating your contacts list easy. Twitter Berry, Software lets you read all the latest tweets from your Twitter friends, plus you can send tweets, read and write direct messages, and view your @ replies. WebMessenger, a easy to read contact list of all you freinds, which sends instant messages to them.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Million Dollar Diamond Encrusted Phone

Peter Alloisson was in a business that delt with "pimping" cell phones with diamonds and precious metals. His latest invention has been this cell phone, it is worth 1 million dollars and with almost 3000 blue diamonds, the cell phone will become one of the world’s most expensive phones. This phone is not availabe in stores, it will be auctioned off.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We have recently installed Python 3.0 on our home computer, we have been getting homework assignments for this program. This is a new language discovered, this program is a similar set up as turbo pascal, but quite differnent in language use.

For more information on this program click the following link:

Sunday, November 23, 2008


This blackberry is one of our latest, up to date phone. There are different ones such as the curve or Pearl or bold. The one in the picture is a Blackberry Storm, Blackberry created this new model. It is differnet from the rest of the Blackberry's, it is a touch screen. This new phone comes with everything that all the other phones had, and more. It has ski rocketed ever since it came out on the market.